Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope you take a minute this weekend to reflect on what you are thankful for. My list could go on forever, but here are just a few things I am so thankful for.

I am thankful for:
my family and friends
my husband who puts up with me and never stops loving me no matter how big my belly gets :)
my growing belly and our little peanut
a roof over my head
a job, even though today has been a rough one
being able to spend this holiday weekend with people that I love
family who is no longer with us, but taught me some of life's greatest lessons
those great people who serve others who are less fortunate
living in a country where we have a holiday to give thanks
playing Pictionary with my family after dinner
Black Friday shopping and helping stimulate our economy.

Happy Turkey Day! Gobble gobble :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Catching up...

Sorry I have fallen off the planet Earth for a minute. Back in business now. Things have been so crazy lately! Since my last post I have: been to Miami, Florida to celebrate my mother in law's 60th birthday, had a blast at the Marshall Mash, and heard Baby Marshall's heartbeat for the first time! What an amazing experience, almost overwhelming to know that this little person is growing so much everyday and soon I will be a mommy :) The night sickness has really slowed down and I have much more energy to nest. I have cleaned and organized almost every square inch of our house. Next task it to tackle transforming my lovely cozy scrapbooking room into Joey's office. Sadly it's time to take down my vintage vogue covers and jars of buttons, put away the scrapbooking paper, stamps and miles of ribbon to make room for Joey's 4 computers and plethora of random Simpson's memorabilia. The robin egg blue Martha Stewart paint that I love so much will be replaced by a more "manly" slate gray (still Martha Stewart, he doesn't win every battle). But, it's all worth it when the computers move into that room because then it's time to start decorating the baby's room! I will post pictures of the progress of the room. Our ultrasound appointment is scheduled for December 12th. Let's hope that Baby Marshall cooperates, so mommy and daddy can start thinking pink or blue. In the mean time, enjoy pictures of Miami and the Marshall Mash. I was a "bun in the oven" for Halloween. Baby bump in full effect :)

(At Coral Castle in Miami, Florida)