Monday, October 29, 2012

less blogging. more secrets...

Yup. You’ve guessed it, my absence in blogging = ONE HUGE SECRET!!!

So, I promise this is it for awhile, so maybe I can actually get back to blogging on a somewhat regular basis. Without further ado…


Baby number 2 will be here at the beginning of May…again! Ya’ll think I go overboard with birthday parties for Kate? What on EARTH am I going to do now! 2 parties, 2 kiddos. Oh man. Maybe 1 BIG party with lots of cake and sprinkles? That should do it.

We are just over the moon excited for this little one to arrive. Now that my lovely morning sickness has calmed down a tiny bit and my energy has returned a little bit, I can be even more excited. You might be wondering how Kate’s reaction was to the news? I’m pleased to present Kate’s YouTube debut.

HA! As an update, she’s super excited now, talks about the baby ALL THE TIME and asks me on a daily basis if it’s here yet. Perhaps we should have waited to tell her the news?

Next obstacle will be putting up Kate’s crib in the baby’s room. She loved her crib and every now and then still talks about it. Then the real test…first week of December, gender reveal. She won’t talk of a baby brother. No boys allowed, just girls. Oh geez. We may have bad reaction to baby - part 2 - to video tape. Stay tuned.