Thursday, May 26, 2011

Birds of a Feather Fair Update!

Just a reminder that for those who have been invited as vendors that applications and table fees are due by JUNE 1st!!!! All juried applications are still being reviewed and selections will begin in July. Make sure you send in your applications as spots are filling up FAST! We are so excited to see the amazing talent that we've secured so far! Questions? Email us at

Saturday, May 21, 2011

just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

That's what I keep telling myself! And boy what a few LONG weeks it has been trying to keep my head above water. I'm thinking at this juncture a bulleted list might be better to keep this post organized and from getting too out of control :)

So in the past 3 weeks...

* We've officially MOVED! Wow, what a nightmare that was. We sorely underestimated how much junk we had accumulated over the past 6 years. We were fairly confident that 1 - 16 ft. POD would do the trick. Uh...definitely not. The POD was completely filled top to bottom, front to back. You couldn't even see a crack of light we had it so packed. Once that was completely filled and we turned to the garage to see it still mostly filled, off to U-haul we went to rent a truck to take the rest of our stuff to my parents' basement and barn. Unfortunately I also underestimated the number of people that move at the end of the month, therefore leaving every U-Haul facility from here to Timbucktwo barren of a moving truck. Our best, and pretty much only option was to rent a pick up truck. We ended up making 4 TRIPS from Erlanger to Walton, with my car following also packed every single time. Like I said before, it was an absolute nightmare! We didn't exactly ask for help either, which was a huge mistake. Moving into our new house hopefully will go much more smoothly and we will be asking for some able bodied friends, so get ready :)

* Kate had a heck of a time adjusting to our new living situation which I never thought in a million years would be an issue. But, her new temporary room proved to be a little scary for her. We had a solid 2 weeks of lots of tears and just general unpleasantness. Things are definitely improving and we are getting adjusted.

* We still haven't broken ground on our house because of that utility pole that is being relocated, but today the engineer is finalizing paper work and we should get moving soon. Our house builder is 100% ready to roll as soon as that is done, so hopefully the momentum will pick up and in about 3 months we'll be living pretty :)

* The CDC should have probably come and quarantined my parents' house because the sickness bomb blew up in there. Everyone started with allergy symptoms (which I guess is what you get for living on a tree farm). Kate seemed to perk up, but man, Joey and I both got knocked out with sinus infections and bronchitis for Joey. It's day 9 of my antibiotic and I'm finally starting to feel like myself again!

* Finally, Kate's party. Holy cow. I was exhausted from not only moving 6 days prior, I was sick as all get out, but trying to work through it to throw this darling little 2 year old of mine the best derby birthday party ever! The weather was less than perfect, but certainly an improvement from her 1st birthday party! It did rain a little bit, but it was in the upper 60s. By the time the Derby was over, the sun was shining and we got to do cake outside and the kids got to play with their bubbles from their treat buckets. Kate had an absolute blast! Her hair was SO super curly from the moisture in the air from the rain :) I will also say that everything came together just beautifully! I absolutely can't wait to share pictures with you! Vonnie is still editing the millions of photos, but she did share a sneak peek with me and oh WOW! They really look awesome!

Because I hate posts with NO pictures, here is just a teaser from the party:) More to follow soon!