Sunday, August 21, 2011

i {heart} my ol' kentucky home

It's been almost 4 years since Joey and I have taken any sort of "vacation" together..just the two of us.  We thought it was high time we got the heck out of dodge and had a weekend getaway.  My mom and dad so graciously offered to keep Kate for the weekend so Joey and I headed south toward Frankfort, Kentucky to begin our Bourbon Trail experience.  For those not familiar with Kentucky bourbon or the Bourbon Trail, there are 6 historic distilleries between Lexington and Louisville that offer public tours.  Only one tour costs $5 a guest, the rest of the tours are free and even offer free tastings :)  The first distillery you visit you receive a Bourbon Trail passport to get stamped at every distillery you visit.  Visit all six and you receive a free t-shirt.  It's pretty much impossible to hit all six in 1 day between tour times available and the driving times between distilleries.  It's much more enjoyable to take your time and try to hit about 3 a day.  I'm not much of a bourbon drinker myself, but the history of the distilleries and the beautiful countryside of Kentucky are enough to get me in the car to tag along (and.....the derby pie and free chocolate bourbon balls at most distilleries).  Joey, however, was in complete heaven.  The tour guides are absolutely charming, the buildings and scenery are breathtaking and the stories that these historic landmarks have to tell are awesome.  I've always loved living in Kentucky, but being on this tour and learning even more of Kentucky's rich heritage makes me love it even more!  I HIGHLY recommend that if you're ever in Kentucky you make it a point to check out the Bourbon Trail!

Here's a photo recap of our amazing weekend!  

Be sure to get your passport at the first distillery you visit and get it stamped at each stop!
First stop on our trip.
The master distiller, Jimmy, came out to take pictures. 
The resident CEO (critter exterminating operator) Samuel Pepper.
A true Kentucky lunch, ham sandwiches, bourbon infused mustard, Ale 8 and derby pie for desert!
Distiller's beer, a product made during fermentation.  This will get distilled into pure moonshine that will turn into bourbon after its stored in a new charred white oak barrel for at least 2 years.  The charred oak is how bourbon gets is flavor and color.
A barrel that has been stored for almost 14 years that will become a very, very expensive bourbon for a single barrel limited anniversary edition batch

Notice the black "gunk" on the buildings.  It's a type of black mold that grows on everything within a mile radius of the distillery.  Totally harmless from the alcohol evaporating from the barrels.  They call it angel's share.

The trees at Jim Beam were completely black from hundreds of years of angel's share. 
A little nerve wracking to be in a warehouse that stores 10 million pounds of bourbon overhead while on the tour.  9 stories high and this "x" brace is supposed to be the best support available.
Happy vacation to us!

Monday, August 8, 2011

my new favorite thing

Great food.
Great drinks.
Girls’ night with the Wives’ Club.

These are a few of MY favorite things!

Pair this with an actual Favorite Things Party and you have a recipe for a fun filled, laughing till you cry, evening with your gals that you’ll never forget!

The idea was found by my lovely friend, Heidi, on none other than Pinterest. The original idea came from  Inchmark. Heidi pinned the idea for the party and after reading how it works, I couldn’t WAIT to have one! Unfortunately we are still a long time from our house being done. Boo :( Heidi graciously offered to host the first time around for our group at her home. So, on July 22nd, our little wives’ club got together for some serious fun!

Here’s how the favorite things party works:

Each guest coming to the party brings 5 of the same item of something that is their favorite item. It can be something they use everyday (favorite lotion, lip gloss, hand soap, etc.) or something they like to eat or really anything they like. The trick is all 5 items have to be the same AND each item can cost no more than $6 each.

When your guests arrive at the party, have each guest write their name down 5 times on 5 separate slips of paper.

The first guest will introduce their favorite item and then draw 5 names from the basket. Those lucky 5 friends are the recipients of your favorite thing! Once those 5 names have been drawn from the basket, leave them aside. Then continue on until all the names have been drawn and all of the favorite things have found new homes.

In the end, everyone will leave with 5 new goodies!

I can’t even tell you how much fun this was so see what everybody’s favorite things. I left that evening with an awesome goody bag filled with great products and lots of fun memories. We have made a pact to continue doing this a few times a year. Another in October and in lieu of present exchange for the holidays I’m going to host a holiday edition of the Favorite Things in our new house!!

Get your lady friends together and host a Favorite Things Party of your own! AND, I’d love to know....what would you bring as your favorite thing?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

the winner is...

The winner of the Jar's blogaversary giveaway is.....


"Happy blogaversary! This is my first time here, and I LOVE your large jar of buttons! I have a shelf of Mason jars with my buttons sorted by color...sigh...I do not tend to actually use them, but I love to look at them!"

Congratulations!  Please email me at so I can get your address to send your prizes!

Thank you to everyone who participated :)  It's been an awesome year and I'm going to look forward to even bigger and better things for the Jar!