Monday, June 30, 2008

hostage situation

I have to vent for a second. I know I am the most impatient person in the world, and I have come to terms with that, but I am afraid Urban Outfitters is about to feel my wrath. In early June, I was perusing Urban Outfitters and came across the most fabulous shower curtain that would be perfect for our guest bathroom. I eagerly order my find online and immediately got notification that my order had been processed. To my dismay a few days later I received an automated email from Urban Outfitters that my delightful shower curtain has been placed on backorder until the end of June. Disappointed, I managed to pull myself together and remark my agenda for the anticipated delivery date. On Friday, June 27th, during my normal morning email check, I was excited to see I had an email from UO. When I opened the email the first word I saw was BACKORDER. Panic struck as I quickly scanned the email. This was a low blow...your order has been placed on backorder until August 1st. So, now I am just mad that this piece of fabric with a tree on it can be so hard to produce. To Urban Outfitters I say, I understand you are sometimes at the mercy of your vendors, but let's get real. You obviously have 1 of my beloved shower curtain because you took a picture of it for the website. Can I have that one? If not, let this serve as a warning. Get your act together or you will be struck from my "My Favorite Websites" list!!! Nobody wants that.

Friday, June 27, 2008

and let me introduce myself...

Welcome to my life! I am totally snagging this idea from another blog, but I thought it was a great way to introduce myself. 100 things about me. Probably more than you will ever want to know but enjoy anyway :) Cheers!

1. I am 26 years old.
2. I have been married for 3 years!
3. I work as a legal assistant at a large law firm in Cincinnati, Ohio.
4. I have a BS in Apparel Design and Merchandising.
5. I still wonder after being out of college for almost 5 years if I should have been a teacher.
6. I owned my own business for 2 years making wedding invitations and other crafts, but dissolved it when it was time to get a life.
7. I hope one day to be able to stay home with kids (whenever that might be).
8. I went to South Africa in December of 2007 and realized the world doesn't revolve around me. It astounded me to witness the amount of poverty in such a modern, beautiful place.
9. I consider myself pretty crafty, but Martha Stewart is a god in the craft world.
10. My favorite movie is Superbad and I might be embarrassed to say that! It's so vulgar, but makes me laugh out loud.
11. My husband and I don't have cable TV.
12. I have always wanted a really old house, but somehow we ended up in a brand new house that looks just like every other house on the street.
13. I still miss not seeing my parents on a daily basis.
14. My brother and I used to fight when we were younger, but now I think he's the coolest thing since sliced bread.
15. I am a Chi Omega alumna from Eastern Kentucky University and was the new member educator and president during my time as an active member.
16. I met my husband in college.
17. My husband wears weird t-shirts from the Village Discount Outlet and that's one of the things that attracted me to him.
18. I can't say no.
19. I really wish I could.
20. I have a 10 month old niece, Lyndsay. You will see lots of pics of her!
21. She makes me happy in my heart and always cheers me up when I am having a bad day.
22. My parent's live on a 135 acre farm (where I got married)
23. I still miss my mamaw who passed away a few weeks before my wedding.
24. I have an unhealthy obsession with shopping.
25. I am pretty much a professional flip cup player.
26. I have had 5 jobs since I graduated college. Name a retail store, I have probably worked there.
27. I have some of the funniest friends on the planet.
28. I hate to cook, but maybe in my next life I will be a baker.
29. I love the feeling of a clean house, too bad it doesn't stay that way for very long.
30. People will judge me for this, but I don't like animals. I didn't grow up with house pets so they aren't a priority in my life.
31. Hydrangeas are my favorite flower and the only thing I can grow at my house.
32. My parent's birthdays are on the same day.
33. I feel guilty for sleeping in or being lazy and get very anxious when I have a lot to do.
34. I love mexican food, well actually just chips and salsa.
35. I could eat at Camino Real everyday.
36. New Kids on the Block was my first concert I ever attended.
37. Tegan and Sara was the last concert I went to.
38. I tried to learn to play the guitar once, but my dad told me I had to cut my nails and I would develop calluses, I said never mind.
39. My family is very musically inclined. Somehow I missed out on that.
40. My dad plays the banjo in a bluegrass band.
41. I enjoy very much sitting on our back deck in the summer with our neighbors hanging out and having a few beverages.
42. Our street is really fun. We have the best 4th of July block party and play flip cup in the street.
43. I hate onions. More than anything else on this planet.
44. I hate bugs almost as much.
45. My mom still tries to trick me and my brother and says that there aren't onions in stuff she cooks. I know she's lying.
46. I have no idea what my real hair color is. It has been brown, blond, red, and even one time had a little bit of black in it.
47. I never stayed in a hotel when I was little, we always camped everywhere we went in our pop up camper.
48. I always wonder what my life would be like if I went far away to college or moved to New York.
49. The day my Country Living comes in the mail is the best day of the month. I read every one cover to cover at least 3 times and then go back in a few months and tear out things I like for my idea binder.
50. I am a hot mess in the morning when I wake up. Joey thinks it's hilarious.
51. Let's talk about buttons. I love them. I love looking at them, I love making stuff with them, I love dumping them out of a jar and sifting through them. But, most of all, I love the buttons I got from my mamaw. I love to think about the clothes that they were once attached to and the stories of their journey.
52. Other relics I enjoy collecting are skeleton keys, vintage looking birds (although I would probably pass out if a bird ever came really close to me), teapots, kitchy jewelry, and vintage Vogue covers.
53. It is my life-long goals to 1) live in a huge house on a Main Street somewhere and 2) have my house featured in Country Living.
54. I love vintage inspired stuff, but have been finding myself enjoying our new Ikea a little too much.
55. I am terrified of scary movies and completely believe in ghosts.
56. My friend Jill made me watch a scary movie once and I almost threw up.
57. My feet go numb when people talk about gross stuff.
58. I love Grey's Anatomy and Nip/Tuck but must have a pillow in front of my face during the surgeries.
58. In college I would go months without having a drink of water and would drink at least 6 cokes a day and eat fast food 2 times a day. Somehow, I still only weighed 110 pounds.
59. Since those days are long gone, I only drink 1 coke a day and try to exercise at least 3-5 times a week.
60. My husband and I bought a kegerator for our garage and froze our first keg on accident.
61. I love to play croquet even though I am terrible at it.
62. I still have my pillow that my mamaw made for me when I was a baby and I don't even care that I am entirely too old still have it and it occasionally sleeps with me.
63. I love flip flops and wish I could wear them to work.
64. I find excuses for buying things I shouldn't or use my Cost Per Use methodology.
65. Anthropologie is hands down my favorite store to go and browse, but have only ever bought stuff off the sale rack.
66. I keep a mental list of things that I wear to work so that I don't wear the same ensemble twice in a given month. I always try to at least switch up the shoes, handbag or jewelry.
67. I have an eclectic mix of handbags, but my favorite brand right now is Tano.
68. One day I will own a Mercedes M Class. I'm sure it gets horrible gas mileage, but I only drive 6 minutes every day.
69. If you are wondering how I only drive 6 minutes every day, I drive to Bigg's and park my car and get on the bus. I love being able to check my email, read a magazine or listen to my Ipod on the bus.
70. We use big recycled bags (from Ikea) when we go to the grocery store and that makes me feel good.
71. I love Sex and the City almost as much as Coca Cola. I loved the series, I loved the movie, I love SJP. I wish she was my friend.
72. Some of my best memories from college are of me and my girlfriends sitting in someone's room having Sex and the City viewing parties.
73. I love entertaining people at my house. I always want people to have a really fun time.
74. I get really jealous of people that are doing what they love.
75. My parent's have been retired for 10 years and still enjoy spending time with each other.
76. We have a Halloween party every year called the Marshall Mash.
77. One year the cops came because we were singing Styx too loudly in my garage. What? It happens!
78. I think little kids are hilarious. My friend babysits one who says "I'm going to put on my jet pack and fly outta here."
79. My friends say really funny things like "get out of my brain waves" and we all call each other "friend" instead of saying our actual names.
80. I love agendas. I love writing things down and checking them off.
81. I got a cool new phone that has TV on it.
82. I am very noncommittal when it comes to my favorite color. It changes daily, sometimes even hourly. Let me tell you how hard it was to pick out colors for this blog. Stayed tuned, it will probably change.
83. I wish somebody would flipping find a cure for cancer.
84. My favorite day of the week is Saturday mornings. I can't sleep in anymore, so I am always up early and enjoy planning my weekend.
85. My husband is super handyman and is getting ready to put up a wall in our downstairs finished part because I wanted french doors. I will post pics when that gets finished.
86. My husband is also an amazing artist.
87. I love school supplies. Pens, pencils, highlighters, clips, you name it, I love it.
88. I had a serious bowl cut when I was like 5 years old.
89. My dad used to run marathons and my brother is a serious runner himself. I would rather eat onions and bugs than run.
90. I was on a traveling jumprope team from kindergarten until 7th grade. I had mad skills and still have some of them.
91. I am always running late. A horrible habit I know.
92. I hate driving, but I love being the passenger.
93. I think I'm pretty funny, or maybe funny stuff just happens to me.
94. I hit my head a lot.
95. I am a pretty social person but sometimes have a hard time approaching people.
96. I can't imagine my life without the people that are in it right now. It certainly wouldn't be as much fun!
97. I secretly hope my sister-in-law has another baby soon :)
98. I believe that people are good.
99. Sometimes that bites me in the butt.
100. There is still a lot that I need to learn about myself.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

check it out...

My first post! How exciting! I will post more later when I figure out what I'm doing...