Sunday, October 23, 2011

a little glitch

I read last week that a set back is only a set up for a comeback.  Since the quote was from the back of my Weight Watchers magazine I assumed it was in reference to personal weight goals, food or something related to that.  The quote stuck with me and I keep reminding myself of this.  So, why the set backs and comebacks?

Well....a few weeks ago on another dreadful Monday morning I got to work, powered on the computer, checked my email and jumped on Facebook.  I had a message from one of our old neighbors on Spruce Tree.  The message simply said, "Call me regarding your tenants."  Uh oh.  My heart sank. 

I called him right away and he told me that a moving truck was in our driveway over the weekend late at night.  Our tenants had left.  Vanished in the night.  Seriously?  My first thought was, how do you even do that with 2 kids? I can barely go to the grocery store with only 1 kid, let along move out of a house in the middle of the night.  Unbelievable.  Anyway, there I was 8:45 am on a Monday with an empty house and a new house that will be done.  Like soon. 

We spent the entire weekend that weekend cleaning, painting, cutting the grass and replacing the locks.  I suppose we should be thanking our lucky stars that they didn't do a lot of damage.  Although they were only there 4 months anyway.  But, a Bengals' orange and pepto bismol pink room needed to be painting along with just a general good deep cleaning of the house.  So, the house looks amazing now and its back on the market to hopefully *fingers crossed* find a buyer.  We are also entertaining the thought of another lease purchase IF things get too rough with the double mortgage situation we are about to be in. 

So, to all of my lovely readers, know anybody looking for an awesome house in Erlanger, KY?  Totally move in ready!  And, boy, are we ready to make a DEAL.

With all of that "excitement" going on we haven't been as focused and agonizing over our new house as much.  I felt like we went from 5 weeks left when the renters moved out to now we only have 2 weeks left.  Nothing like a good distraction right?  The new house has been locked up recently now that the cabinets are installed and appliances going in soon.  I did get to sneak in one afternoon and snap a few pics. 

We've been slowly getting our things organized at my parents' house so our move-out will hopefully go smoother than our move-in!  Monday we should have a better time frame for closing, but it still looks like we are on track and will have a little bit of time before Thanksgiving to get settled. 

In other news....I've been blogging away over at 6 DAYS a week!  We had so many vendors send us bios that in order to have them all featured before the Fair, I've had to post 6 per week.  Crazy!  Things are coming together and the checklist is really dwindling down.  I've been having crazy dreams about the Fair almost every night!  I'm so excited and absolutely cannot wait to see everybody together in one place.  I'm telling you the shopping is going to be amazing! 

Actually, unless something super exciting comes up, this may be my last post until the Fair is over.  I may be able to pop in with a super short update between now and then.  Take care and I'll see ya'll REAL soon!

Friday, October 7, 2011

living the lulu life!

Happy Friday everyone!  If you aren't in Kentucky today, then I actually feel sorry for you.  It is October 7, 2011 and it is 80 DEGREES!!!  We don't get many days like this in the fall so we've been soaking it up at the park this morning. 

I wanted to share a link with you all today.  It's still so funny that through blogging I have a network of people who I feel like I've known forever, and really for the most part, have NEVER even met them in person!!!  However, I'm sure that will certainly change in less than a month when I will officially be meeting some of these women that I feel like I've already shared so much with!  The Birds of a Feather Fair is bringing some of these ladies together and I absolutely cannot wait to meet them in person! 

One of them is Natalie.  I first "met" Natalie from reading an old college sorority newsletter that had updates of all of our sisters.  I always love to read them to see what everybody is up to and how they are doing.  While I had never met Natalie in college because she was a few years older than me, we automatically shared a bond.  I read that Natalie was designing jewelry for her own company, Lulubelles.  I checked out her website and bestill my beating heart.  Vintage pieces mixed with modern, classic flair.  Uh...YES PLEASE!  Anyway, I emailed her right away to see if her an her business partner, Gretchen, would have any interest in being a vendor at the Fair.  They said YES!  I'm so excited that they will be a part of our show and that they are the essence of what we started the Birds of a Feather Fair for! 

Stop over at Lulubelle's blog today, The Lulu Life and check out a feature of yours truly, Jar of Vintage Buttons.  Natalie and Gretchen, you both are amazingly talented and I can't wait to meet you at the Fair!  And I want to buy everything you make.  Thanks.