Friday, October 7, 2011

living the lulu life!

Happy Friday everyone!  If you aren't in Kentucky today, then I actually feel sorry for you.  It is October 7, 2011 and it is 80 DEGREES!!!  We don't get many days like this in the fall so we've been soaking it up at the park this morning. 

I wanted to share a link with you all today.  It's still so funny that through blogging I have a network of people who I feel like I've known forever, and really for the most part, have NEVER even met them in person!!!  However, I'm sure that will certainly change in less than a month when I will officially be meeting some of these women that I feel like I've already shared so much with!  The Birds of a Feather Fair is bringing some of these ladies together and I absolutely cannot wait to meet them in person! 

One of them is Natalie.  I first "met" Natalie from reading an old college sorority newsletter that had updates of all of our sisters.  I always love to read them to see what everybody is up to and how they are doing.  While I had never met Natalie in college because she was a few years older than me, we automatically shared a bond.  I read that Natalie was designing jewelry for her own company, Lulubelles.  I checked out her website and bestill my beating heart.  Vintage pieces mixed with modern, classic flair.  Uh...YES PLEASE!  Anyway, I emailed her right away to see if her an her business partner, Gretchen, would have any interest in being a vendor at the Fair.  They said YES!  I'm so excited that they will be a part of our show and that they are the essence of what we started the Birds of a Feather Fair for! 

Stop over at Lulubelle's blog today, The Lulu Life and check out a feature of yours truly, Jar of Vintage Buttons.  Natalie and Gretchen, you both are amazingly talented and I can't wait to meet you at the Fair!  And I want to buy everything you make.  Thanks. 

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Gretchen Black said...

Thanks so much for your lovely blog post, looking forward to meeting you soon!