Thursday, September 4, 2008

come to tea!

On August 31st, I celebrated my best friend's upcoming wedding by hosting her bridesmaid's luncheon. The lunch was held under the trees at my parents' farm. The weather was perfect and
the food was even better (thanks to my mom!).

(the table settings and some food)

(the ladies in their hats, more of the table, and some arrangements)

(dessert and the bridal party)


Anonymous said...

Dear "Adopted" Daughter Leslie,
This looks like it was a most beautiful affair,anything you do is always the "GRANDEST"! The wedding luncheon you and your Mama put on for our daughter in law Shelley was of the best as well. Perhaps you should go into the business of organizing parties and such, I think you could be a real success! Love ya babe, Sher

Tina Riddell said...

Oh my gosh Leslie - I'd have to agree that party planning should most definetly be a potential career or at least a "professional hobby" for you!! Absolutely delightful!!

leslie said...

Thanks ladies! It was a lot of fun. It only took a year to plan too :)

Anonymous said...

Les, You are truly amazing, and have a special gift. My girlfriends still talk about the fancy party they attended in which you and your Mom hosted for me. Thanks again! Shelley