Tuesday, October 7, 2008

don't drink the water!

The baby epidemic is spreading like mad!! The Marshall clan will be VERY busy this May. Not only are Joey and I expecting on May 6th, but we just found today that Joey's brother, Tommy, and his wife, Rugya, are expecting on May 22nd!!! So, the cousins will be only weeks apart and the new grandparents will have take off soon after our baby arrives to travel to Chicago to meet the other Baby Marshall. Congratulations to Tommy and Rugya! What a fun roller coaster to be on together!

In other baby news, a very close family friend and his lovely wife welcomed their bundle of joy to the world on Sunday. Be sure to check out Baby Jack's mommy and daddy's blog to get all the details! http://www.brianriddell.blogspot.com/ Congratulations to the Riddell family :) We can't wait to meet the newest little groundhog!

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Jack said...

Thanks for the shout-out!