Tuesday, February 1, 2011

DIY valentine treats for your sweetie

Now that the secret is out that I adore the Dollar Tree, I thought I would entertain you all with a few quick projects that would be perfect for Valentine's Day. The best part? They all come from the Dollar Tree so don't be afraid to try a few of them out!

I know that I'm getting a little ahead of myself, but I'm going to challenge myself (and my sis in law, which doesn't know yet, so SURPRISE Susan!) to create an entire Easter party for our girls using a little creativity and stuff from the Dollar Tree. But, until the air gets a little warmer, enjoy these fun and easy Valentine's DIYs.

Matchbox Treat Boxes:
these matchboxes come in packs of 10 at the Tree or you could use 1 large matchbox
scrapbooking paper
double sided tape

Step 1: Empty matches from box

Step 2: Cut strip of scrapbooking paper (or even wrapping paper) and wrap around box with double stick tape

Step 3: Add ribbon and any embellishments on top

Small boxes will fit 2 Tootsie Rolls, a small handful of plain M&Ms or a few conversation hearts. A large matchbox could hold a few larger treats for your sweetie :)

Doily bunting banner
I'm having a small obsession with bunting banners right now. I love the way they evoke happiness and fun with or without a party! I've seen this banner done several times but I love the varying sizes of the doilies. So pretty it may make another apperance at Kate's 2nd birthday party!
various sizes of paper doilies
glue dots
Step 1: fold doily in half
Step 2: Place doily over your length of ribbon and secure with a glue dot
Step 3: Hang up and enjoy! Could it get any easier?
Flower Corsage Brooch

pretty headband from the Tree
pin back
hot glue

There really aren't steps to this, I just ripped the flowers off of the headband and hot glued them onto the pin backs (which I found at Hobby Lobby). A set of two are just lovely on a cardigan or maybe on a tote bag?
Heart Doily Kitchen Towels

Similar to Ashley Ann's tutorial on the canvas doily tote, I'm using the same technique only with a heart shaped doily and a kitchen towel instead of a bag.
heart shaped doilies
plain kitchen towels
fabric paint
foam brush
spray adhesive

Step 1: Make sure that your doily doesn't have any "hanging chads" otherwise your paint will not soak through

Step 2: Spray the back of your doily with a touch of adhesive and place on to towel
Step 3: Carefully dab your foam brush with the fabric paint onto the kitchen towel
Step 4: Remove the paper doily
Step 5: Gift these cute towels with a fun spatula for your favorite cook!

On another note...I have updates for the first Birds of a Feather Fair that I will post soon! Hope you all are staying warm!

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