Tuesday, July 19, 2011

1 month check up

Don't think I haven't forgotten about you! It's been a crazy, busy, VERY STRESSFUL past couple of weeks. Ug! Just when you say "what else can happen?", guess what...it does!

Between working full time, training with Weight Watchers, working like crazy to get this craft show going, having some family health issues that have required Joey to be away from home for several days in a row each week, STILL working on getting that utility pole moved on our land on top of having a super duper busy toddler let's just say finding time to breath has been difficult!

I did, however, want to highlight some of the super awesome things that have been happening :)

Response to Kate's birthday party has been OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! Jessica from one of my favorite blogs, Pen n Paperflowers, was gracious enough to feature Kate's party on her blog and from there the word really spread! The Kentucky Derby Museum reposted the link on their Facebook page as did, Modern Frills Clothing, Modern Lola, and a gorgeous blog all the way from Quebec! I can't tell you what a giddy little girl I become when I see these features and the feedback that people leave! This has truly been the most FUN! I wish, oh I wish, I wish, I wish I could turn this into something bigger than just a little ol' birthday party and have my own store with fabulous party accessories, a place to host parties and showers, and sell fun handmade items. A girl can dream right...and I saw something on Pinterest that read "Never Give Up on Something You Think About EVERYDAY!" Sooooooo true! I won't give up on it...just need to find a way to make it happen!

I also want to keep everybody updated on a monthly basis with my 29th Year Bucket List. You are probably going to wonder how I've had time to even accomplish any of these things on my list, but remember, I take a fairly long bus ride in and out of downtown Cincinnati, Monday through Thursday, which
gives me some reading time!

So, let's cross off 3 books off that list! I wanted to read at least 5 awesome books, but I may double that.

My first three choices were:
I've breezed though these books so fast. It completely made me fall in love with reading yet again. Out of the 3, Water for Elephants, hands down, was my FAVORITE!  I just can't get enough of anything vintage circus and I'm almost certain that I was a carnie in a previous life...

Also cross off 1 item from my Pinterest DIY board! A dear friend of mine from college just had her first baby so she received a cute little bowl of onesie goodness :) Just rolled 5 of those bad boys together, cute bowl, a baby spoon and VOILA!

My letter writing campaign is also going well. I've been writing notes to some long lost friends and been carefully saving all of the cards and invitations I've been getting in the mail to put together into a little book.  I think I may try and do one for each year so they don't get too out of control. So easy though with some jump rings and a hole punch to keep them all together.

I'll be crossing some more things off that list in August as we've scheduled our Bourbon Trail tour, I'm going to try a yoga class at my new gym and get my butt to several farmer's markets!

Shew...I'm exhausted. Maybe the next thing I need to work on is finding some peace and quit being so busy! Nah...that sounds boring :)

P.S. You might recall that the first weekend in August is my MOST favorite time of the year. The 127 World's Longest Yard Sale!!!! I'm so excited I could burst!!!! And to top it off, my favorite annual flea market is that Saturday of the 127 sale. I will be in up to my neck in junk heaven! Can't wait to show you my finds!

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Missy Rose said...

LOVED little bee! and i can't wait to read water for elephants!