Wednesday, July 2, 2008

so many men, so little time...

My poor niece Lyndsay is going to have a hard time picking a suitor from all of the darling babies that have been born in the past year. Here is a look at some of the potentials...

Bachelor #1 is Ayden with his devilish good looks and charming personality. Always picture perfect and ready to take on the world. He enjoys longs walks in his stroller and his favorite food is milk.

Bachelor #2 is Owen, a real go-getter with upper management written all over him. Even from birth, he was very strong, yet very sensitive because he likes to cuddle. Also, enjoys gazing into your eyes, or maybe it's just the ceiling fan.

Bachelor #3 is James. The boy next door. Literally. He lives 3 doors down from our bachelorette. Comes from a good family and enjoys playing in the cul-de-sac in his wagon. You other boys better watch out because it's pretty obvious Lyndsay already has James as one of her top picks!

Bachelor #4 is Sawyer, an older man who recently was promoted to big boy status when he began walking a few months ago. He walks on the wild side once he starts drinking the dew, but always a guaranteed good time with this bachelor!

Bachelor #5 is Jack. While Jack hasn't exactly made his arrival into the world just yet, we are confident that he will be a smart, charming, handsome young fellow.

Bachelor # 6 is Baby Criss. (Sorry no pic, I will post one when he gets here) Also not scheduled to arrive until August. Due just 2 days after Lyndsay's 1st birthday, Baby C could make his debut just in time to celebrate with the birthday girl. Who knows what could happen if they share the same birthday...that was my dad's pick up line to my mom, and they just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary..


emrwells said...

hi Les..
What a funny post! Loved it! So glad you started a blog. Isn't it fun!

Anonymous said...

The only boyfriend lyndsay has or needs is in the background of the picture with bachelor #3 (james). Thank you VERY much! - dad

Beth said...

we vote for bachelor #1!!!!