Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Lyndsay!

My precious niece Lyndsay turned 1 year old today! We celebrated yesterday with family and some friends and had a wonderful time. Enjoy the pictures! We love you so much our sweet little Lyndsay :)

(The birthday girl, playing croquet with James, the birthday cupcake YUM!)

(The beautiful decor!)


Deb said...

hello. i found your blog vai caroline's links on her bog, handmade by halo. i would just like to say i have enjoyed reading what you have wrote so far - especially the 100 things about me bit. i live in the Uk and wish we had more events like yards sales etc but we dont. sometimes there may be a car book sale event but these are being less fecent now. dx.

Karen said...

Hi, I was just searching for vintage buttons and found this. I have a Lyndsay too, spelled the same way! I only know of one other:) Happy Birthday to her!

Karen said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog:) I have a friend who sells Uppercase as well. I think a tiny stencil might be what I need. Teeny tiny:)