Monday, August 11, 2008

World's Longest Yard Sale

We were super busy this weekend with my mom and dad's b-days, the 127 Sale and Lyndsay's 1st birthday! I will post pics later of Lyndsay's birthday party when I get more (my camera battery died as soon as we got to the party). But for those of you who aren't familiar with the 127 Sale here's a quick lesson. The world's longest yard sale begins (or ends depending on which way you are coming) in Covington, KY in Mainstrausse and runs along Route 127 all the way to Alabama. The sale starts on a Thursday and runs until Sunday. Maybe one year we will really be ambitious and try to make it out of Kentucky, but for this year we started in Florence and made it to Gallitin Co.

This is one of my favorite sales we hit every year. The best sales are the big farms that "rent" out spaces for lots of vendor to set up shop.

Congestion along Highway 42 in Union.

My treasures! Lots of tea cups and saucers for Misty's Bridesmaids Luncheon (I didn't pay above $1 for any of them either!!), a tin tray, a fabulous vintage floral hat from Pogue's, and some funny tiny wooden bowling pins. I don't even bowl, but thought they would look cute above my stove!

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