Thursday, January 22, 2009

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Well, maybe not extreme...but quite the transformation for our little house in the past year. We've built another bedroom, moved our master, nixed my scrapbooking room, made Joey a new office, moved the spare bed into our old master and finally made a cozy place for Kate to sleep and play. So, I give you pictures of Joey's new manly office and Kate's girlier than girly room! I will post pictures of the belly soon. You see, I get in my pjs as soon as I walk in the door. So, I'll try to remember to keep some regular clothes on for a few more minutes to take a picture.

(My old "office")

(Joey's new office)

(Kate's Room! The second picture is kinda dark so you can see her name on the wall, Joey built the bookcase "dollhouse" decked out with tiny shutters, scalloped shingles and gingerbread trim. Pretty much my dream house.)


Anonymous said...

I am loving the tutu hanging up. Great job Joey!!!

tina riddell said...

sooo glad to have you back in blog-land!! wow -- you really have been quite busy!! both rooms look incredible and i remember how much brad & i enjoyed working on getting sophie's room ready. it's so crazy to think that within a fwe months you'll meet your litle lady and will start to use all of those items in her room. what is your due date again?

Beth said...

soo cute.. i can't wait to see the nursery in person. I LOVE the tutu!