Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Couples' Shower

Our dear friends, Mark and Beth, hosted a lovely shower in honor of Baby Kate on March 7, 2009. It was a perfect warm evening, just fitting for the buffet of Mexican fare and pink margaritas (and pink punch for the pregnant ones!) The little one in the pictures is Ayden, Mark and Beth's son. Ayden and Brady (Brett and Megan's cutie) are the only 2 wee ones right now, but come May and August there will be 2 more with the addition of Kate and Baby Bray! Enjoy the pics :)

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Karen said...

Oh, I see she is coming the first week in May. Natalie was supposed to come May 10, was scheduled for May 3, and was born on her own April 25:) So getting close:) How fun!