Friday, March 13, 2009

Welcome Spring!

The sun is shining bright today, even though it's really cold, but from my window at work it looks like the beginning of a beautiful spring day. I admit that I have already broken out my spring peony wreath, cute spring hand towels, and last night added these precious finds from Pier 1 to my spring collection. Unfortunately, my local Pier 1 only had 2 of the 3 houses available because all of their houses that had the steeple arrive damaged. But, the 2 I picked up look as darling as can be on top of a vintage cake stand in my kitchen surrounded by my hydrangea tea cup collection.

Another one of my spring favorites is the arrival of the catalogs from wholesale gardening shops. Yesterday I received 2 in the mail and Joey and I spent about an hour leafing though the pages upon pages of beautiful flowers and plants. Somehow the green thumb gene completely passed over me, even though I grew up on a 135 acre farm. The only success I have had in gardening is my hydrangeas that grow along the side of our house. And, the only thing I really do to tend them it to talk to them daily and tell them how beautiful they are, and occasionally water them. While this summer will be completely different than any other with the addition of baby Kate, I am hoping to actually get some dirt under my nails and try to mix it up with some gardening.

I also received my April issue of Country Living on Tuesday. I always try to read just a few pages at a time to really soak in every detail of each article, but this one was too good to put down. I have been telling Joey for quite some time that I really, really want a tiny one room Amish cottage to put at the back of our property that can be my little hide away, craft room (since I gave mine up for his new office) or a tiny place to entertain a few girlfriends with some tea. Well, in this month's CL they feature a greenhouse of sorts that had me salivating for more pictures! What a lucky lady this woman is! Her husband reconstructed this dilapidated greenhouse into her own private retreat that I wish I could just move right into. Enjoy the sunshine!


Anonymous said...

I want one too! We have an old (small) barn in the back, but Sid has it full of junk, my plans are not happening either! I want a potting shed/painting studio. Maybe we should find a contractor and the guys can see that they can do it much cheaper! GOOD LUCK BABY GIRL!
Mama Sherry

tina said...

this sounds like a wonderful idea and as crafy/handy as the two of you are, i am holding out hope!!