Friday, October 8, 2010

even more new and improved

I've decided to take the big leap! Jar of Vintage Buttons is moving on up and moving on over to Facebook! I'll still post here and link up to Facebook, so no worries, I'm not leaving! I've got some big plans for both my blog and my Facebook page.

Some things to be on the look out for:

  1. GIVEAWAYS!!!!! Yea!!!! Who doesn't love free stuff :) Keep checking for details and directions on how to enter
  2. The Jar of Vintage Buttons Christmas Gift Store will be open soon!!!! I'm always willing to share my DIYs with you, but for those friends who don't have the time to be crafty, I'll be offering up some of my DIY projects for purchase for very unique gifts this holiday season
  3. Be sure to check back for guest posts and inspirations from some of my favorite artists and crafters

I'm so excited to get started! And for those of you who are already following along with my house journey, hopefully we'll be moving forward with the house building soon. Our contract with our realtors expires soon and we are going to give the ol' For Sale by Owner a whirl in a few weeks.

Come on over to visit on Facebook and sit and stay awhile!

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Anonymous said...

yeay!!! cant wait.