Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DIY: framed chalkboard

I finally found a spare minute this past weekend to get into the garage and start working on all of my projects that have been piling up this summer. So with my spray paint gun in hand I got to work. My first project from my pile of goodies that I picked up this summer at the 127 sale is a framed chalkboard. It's another quick and easy project and coming in under $7 a steal! I saw some other framed chalkboards at the Country Living Fair for upwards of $60 and $70! Do a little scouring at your local Goodwill or thrift store and search for good wooden ornate frames in any shape.

plywood or mdf board
chalkboard spray paint
spray paint for the frame
staple gun

Step 1: Remove any ugly, misfortunate print that your frame may contain (I wish I had a picture of the print that was in this frame but it got pitched in a garage cleaning frenzy...it was epicly ugly)

Step 2: Clean the frame and make sure it's dry
Step 3: Spray the frame and let dry

Step 4: Cut your plywood or mdf board to fit inside the frame
Step 5: Prime the wood with white paint

Step 6: Spray several coats of the chalkboard spray paint onto the wood

Step 7: Let wood dry for 24 hours (per instructions on the back of the can)

Step 8: After the wood has dried for 24 hours, use your staple gun to hold your blackboard in place

Step 9: Rub the side of a piece of chalk over the whole chalkboard and wipe clean
Step 10: Your chalkboard is ready to go! Enjoy!

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