Tuesday, April 5, 2011

DIY: treat buckets!

We are moving right along with Kate's birthday party details! Only about 5 weeks left! Yikes! Here is a quick DIY for some cute treat buckets that Kate will give to her friends as a thank you for coming to her party.

There's not too many step by step directions to provide here because it is mostly just assembling some fun treats into silver buckets. But, I can share my resources :)

Silver buckets - Hobby Lobby

Horsey stickers - Walgreens

Carrott shaped bubbles - Wal-Mart

Small compisition book - book from Wal-Mart that I covered with leftover scraps of paper

Treat box - large matchbox from the Dollar Tree, empty the matches out and fill with crayons or other treats. I covered the matchbox with scrapbooking paper, book page, doiley and horse stickers from the Modern Scrapyard.

Brown paper shred - Dollar Tree

Fabulous necklaces, rings and bracelets for the girls - Wal-Mart Horse tags - Modern Scrapyard I assembled all of the treats into the bucket and added the best horse treat, some apple slices :) Giddy up! Next birthday DIY: Cupcake toppers and K's birthday cake bunting banner!

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