Thursday, May 24, 2012

the benefit

It's taken me a week to finally get my thoughts together on the wonderful, marvelous night I experienced last Thursday.  So glad to finally be writing these down. 

I haven't give you much of an update on my bestie, Misty and her journey with cancer as she enters her last trimester of pregnancy.  I hope that you have been keeping up with her blog too.  If you haven't stopped over yet, do it right now! 

For a brief update, Misty and baby boy are doing well.  She's almost 2 months away from getting to meet his sweet little chunky face.  I can't wait.  I want to kiss his face and just tell him how much I love him and his mommy.  EK! 

I'm hosting Misty's baby shower next weekend.  Misty requested an evening shower in an effort for it to resemble more of a girls night and I was more than happy to oblige!  It's going to be a super fun and chill evening with lots of good food, laughter and lots of sweet memories made. 

So, back to last Thursday.  It was a night I'll never forget.  Along with about 12 other girlfriends, we hosted a benefit in honor of Misty.  The purpose was to raise some funds to give directly to Misty to help with her medical expenses.  Our little planning committee only met twice, we had about a month to prepare, and together hosted probably the best damn benefit EVER! 

This awesome tavern in Covington, Blinkers, so graciously offered for us to take over their entire restaurant for the evening.  They donated a portion of their beverage and food sales directly to Misty.  Over 200 people packed that tiny little tavern and spilled out onto the sidewalk all the way down the block. 

We gathered the most incredible raffle items ever.  People were going crazy buying tickets.  My dear friend Beth made us girls who were selling tickets the most adorable aprons ever to wear that evening to hold the money from the raffle sales.  I had so much money in my apron I could barely get my hand in there to get it all out.  Times that by 12 girls with aprons. 

The outpouring of love that was shown to Misty was incredible.  The friends who drove hours to be there for Misty on a Thursday night was incredible.  The random people who didn't know Misty from anybody that came anyway to support her was incredible.  The waitress who emptied her pockets of her tip money for Misty was incredible.  I don't think I can say it enough, it was just an unbelievably touching experience to be in that restaurant with so many wonderful people. 

Misty was able to be at the benefit for a few hours.  She looked radiant.  And so happy. 

The benefit was for Misty.  It was to honor her as our courageous friend. On that night, it wasn't about cancer.  Cancer didn't even get an invitation to the party.  This benefit was a celebration of her friendship to all of us.  It was created for her because each of us know that if we were ever in need she would have done the exact same thing for us and even better! 

We sold (are are still selling) bracelets with the words Peace. Love. Hope.  I wear this bracelet everyday with my watch.  Every time I look at my watch I see those words and say a silent prayer of peace, love and hope for my best friend.  I pray that she will find peace with her diagnosis someday.  I pray that she feels the love of all of her friends and family around her all the time.  I pray that she finds hope in something everyday. 

A special shout out and thank you to my momma too.  Your unwavering support of me and Misty throughout the years in the numerous "big ideas" that we've concocted means more to me than you'll ever know. 

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Misty Porter said...

Hello my best friend,
Your post is beautiful and for once I'm speechless...the tears rolling down my cheeks are only of happiness. I will never forget the night of the benefit as one of pure love and happiness. Not many people going through what I am can have an evening resulting from something so ugly, be so pure and just simply full of love. I know I am truly one lucky girl to have such a troop of wonderful women I call my best friends (aka Angels) that stand by me through truly the good and bad. I'll never be able to truly thank you properly for what you have been to me throughout our lives, but I love you literally with all my heart and truly would do anything and everything for you. Thank you for being the best friend you are and for letting me rest my head on my pillow every single night for the last 17 years knowing that someone loves me with all their heart (and I feel the exact same for you Bf).
Can't wait for next Saturday...hopefully you girls aren't sick of me by then :0)
Love, love, love you!