Wednesday, May 9, 2012

cross it off the list - 2012 Kentucky Derby!

As I inch ever so close to the big 3-0 birthday, I'm also inching closer to finishing off my bucket list items.  One big one was to attend the Derby, hat and all.  This past Saturday, May 5, 2012 I did just that.  It was fun, crazy and HOT.  We made lots of memories that day and it was a day I won't soon forget!  

Our chariot picked up our crowd of around 30 in the parking lot of a furniture store at 8am.  I actually had to get up earlier than I do on a normal work day.  Funny how I sprung out of bed this day, but can barely get it together to get out the door to work...

Anyway, we picked our seats on the bus, got cozy with some nutritious breakfast.  Yup, that would be a sprinkled donut and a giant coke from McD's.  What? Weight Watchers?  Not TODAY!  

Remember, another reason for this trip is my friend from high school who is married to one of my hubby's friends from high school was turning 30.  And it was Cinco De Mayo.  The trifecta of celebrations.  
The birthday girl!

The "fillies"
We arrived at Papa John's stadium after 10am.  We would park the charter bus here and then take a short shuttle ride to Churchill Downs.  I had heard this is where a lot of the college kids go to "tailgate" before the Derby.  Oh. My. Gosh. Tailgate they did.  I still think of myself as a spring chick, but man did the sight of those college kids make me feel old.  And apparently they thought we were celebrities.  They swarmed our group.  We were definitely the most dressed up group in the lot.  And probably the oldest, like by 8-10 years.  And they COULD NOT get over the idea that most of us had kids.  But, nevertheless, it was fun to hang out there and thank my lucky stars that I'm no longer in college and that I can afford the finer things in life, like cold beverages in bottles and clothing that does not include cut off overalls.  

This girl.  Cut off overalls.  Tiny sombrero hat.  Hot. Mess.
After heading into Churchill Downs we found our way to the paddock area soaked in the sights.  We attempted to find Joey's brother and sister in law who made the trip from Miami, Florida.  But, if you've ever been to the Derby you know that cell phone service is spotty at best and we never could connect with him.  We even went as far as searching the infield for nearly 2 hours in the muddy disaster looking for a blue pop up tent with no avail.  BUT, we did run into my friend from college in the tunnel leading to the infield!  

My friend, Alex!

We left the infield and joined back up with our group we traveled with and spent the rest of the day enjoying the Derby.  We had a front row seat to the parade of owners and handlers as they made their way through the paddock area and to Millionaire's Row.  

It was a loooooooooong day, my feet were throbbing, but I wouldn't trade that day for anything!  We had SO much fun with our friends who we never get to do this kind of stuff with.  To Nikki, you did 30 proud!  Thanks for having a birthday and thanks to your awesome husband for getting it all together! 

So what's left on the ol' to-do list?  

Run/walk 5K - scheduled for June 2nd!  Have I started training?
Take some video with my 8mm app.  - can't believe I still haven't done that.  
Try a yoga class.
Get to the Findlay Market 
Get some kiss my 20's goodbye pictures taken. - I'm chickening out, these might turn into family portraits :)  

And yet again, my 30th birthday party is being taken down another notch.  Life just got BUSY.  I am headed to my favorite restaurant on Sunday to check out their party room.  Let's face it, this way I won't have to clean up!  HA!  

Hope ya'll had a fun Cinco de DERBY weekend!

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