Monday, April 30, 2012

the best day ever!

I can't believe how quickly these birthday parties come and go.  It's already over!  I stopped myself during the party and just sat down and really tried to soak up everything that was going on.  I usually find myself worrying if there is enough food, if everyone is full, what is Kate doing and/or bothering, but not yesterday.  Once the guests started arriving I told myself to just relax and enjoy.  Enjoy the company of our closest friends and family and just enjoy this day with Kate.  She only turns 3 once and will only be a little girl for just a little while longer. 

My mom was gracious enough to keep her after church to let her get in a nap and so I could work on finishing everything up uninterrupted.  My mom dropped her off about 3:30 and I wish I would have gotten her sweet little reaction on video because it was priceless.  Although she knew it was her birthday party and I had been setting up for several days already, when she saw that cake she got SO excited!  It was so stinking cute.  I can't tell you how many times she thanked me and Joey for her birthday party and hugged and kissed everyone at the party several times and thanked them over and over.  It just made my heart soar to hear how polite she was!  And more than once she actually said this was the best day ever!

My awesome friend Vonnie took lots of awesome pictures and I should have those in a few weeks, but here is just a little sneak peek of some I took with my phone :)  Happy Monday! 


catherine said...

Oh my goodness what a cute party for an adorable little girl. I saw your party featured on HWTM and I was wondering if you had a link (unless they were created by your husband) of the sentence strips that say play, draw, eat etc. I had a bookmark that showed how to print on the sentence strip but can't find it. Those are exactly what I need for my classroom. Again, what a well done party!


leslie said...

Hey Catherine! Thanks for stopping by! I actually got the sentence strips at the Dollar Tree! A pack of probably 50, they were all verbs which worked out perfectly. Have a good school year!