Tuesday, April 17, 2012

hellllllooooooo preschool!

As mentioned, this year's birthday theme will be all about school!!  You've probably never met someone as excited about school as my Kate and she has never even been to school before!  I think all of the awesome school supplies might have something to do with her excitement.  Ask my mom or dad and they will tell you that I too was a lover/hoarder of school supplies in my day.  I would make my weary, exhausted mother traipse out to every office supply store on the very first day of school with my list of school supplies.  She was a teacher and I know fighting swarms of kids and their parents trying to find school supplies after the first day of school was not a fun activity for her....but man, I l-o-v-e-d it. 

It's definitely crunch time around here with Kate's party next Sunday!  AH!  How does time get away from me so quickly?  I promised lots and lots of DIY projects.  Since it's getting so close, I'll have to post more DIYs even after the party. {insert sad slacker face here}  I also owe you an update on the 1/2 bath revamp before too long. 

Here's we go.  Let's start with the invitations.  Wouldn't you agree that the invitation sets the stage for the whole entire party?  Get an awesome invitation in the mail and you can almost guarantee and awesome time to come at the party. 

Since I'm sure Kate will be just like her momma and be completed OCD when it comes to organization I thought a lil file folder to keep all of the party invitation information would be totally appropriate.  I found this template here and embellished the outside cover.  I traced the tag onto some pink graph paper and added a flower and this cute little number 3 and some baker's twine.  Just so everyone what was clear what was inside that folder, I typed on the label :) 

I recruited my hubby to design the guts to the invitation with a less than elementary sketch/idea of what I had in mind.  Good thing we are a good team because what he came up with was WAY better than what I had in my brain.  2 flash cards and a class schedule fit perfectly in their folder.  I found some cute glassine envelopes at Hobby Lobby and sealed the back of the envelope with a strip of old school tape I bought on etsy which I also used to make flags for the yellow paper straws above. 

The invitations did exactly what I wanted them to do.  I got a text from my lovely sis in law as soon as her mail arrived and said that the invitation made her smile :)  Mission accomplished :) 

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