Thursday, June 14, 2012

mimi's baby shower

I want to share with you some of the details from Misty's (aka Mimi in "Kate speak"!) baby shower that I hosted a few weekend ago. 

I had sent the info over to my pal, Jessica, at Pen n Paperflowers who has a beautiful blog and is so crazy talented it hurts my head sometimes.  I shared with her Misty's story (with Misty's permission) and Jessica was anxious to share Misty's story with the world. 

Her post was so incredibly touching, elegantly written and inspiring!  Go straight over there to view her post.

While I'll let Jessica and Misty share those details, I wanted to share some other details about some good friends who stepped in to help me make this day as special as possible for Misty.

I finally got to meet this lovely, lovely lady, Deanna, at the Birds of a Feather Fair.  She was one of our vendors and I wish I could have stayed all day and chatted with her.  She is so super talented and creative and awesome.  As I began making my email rounds letting our vendors know that we would be holding off on the Fair while Misty recovered, Deanna emailed me back asking what she could do to help.  I had told her that I would love for some of the vendors from the Fair to help me with some items for Misty for the baby shower and she offered to create the printables (invitations, signage, etc.).  We ran with some ideas based on Misty's bedding she had picked out.  Deanna is so easy and fun to work with!  So next time you need invitations or party printables head on over to Mirabelle Creations!  To Deanna, thank you over and over again for helping me make this day so special!

I also wanted to send a special shout out and thank you to Cristin of Hazelnut Designs.  I also met Cristin via a craft show that Misty and I did a few years ago.  We've stayed in contact and she's always my go-to girl for my sewing needs!  I'm sure everytime she gets an email from me she cringes because I've always got some crazy project up my sleeve :)  She produces gorgeous work and she shares my love for the bunting banner.  You know, a real quality I look for in a friend! Ha!  I sent the bedding Misty had picked out and of course Cristin knew exactly who the designer was and even had scraps to make a bunting banner that matched!  Misty was SO excited about the banner to put in the baby's nursery!  To Cristin, thank you so very much for your unwavering support for me AND Misty through the Fair and now through this.  I really hope someday soon when you are visiting your sis that we can spend some more time together! 

This is Cristin with her stash of fabric. Raise your hand if you are jealous.  **both hands raised**
I have a couple more post lined up before my birthday on Tuesday!  We finally got to Findlay Market and got some family pictures/Kate's 3 year pictures taken over the weekend.  I only had 1 entire year to get this stuff done :) 


Jessica Kirkland said...

You are the sweetest! Again, I was honored to feature Misty's baby shower. What a beautiful story of friendship and love! Seriously. You did an amazing job - along with the help of so many special people. Hugs!

(By the way - I've had several inquiries about the fireplace in the photos...I've been directing them your way). *wink*

Deanna at Mirabelle Creations said...

Thank you so much for all the kind words. It was an honor to help with such a special shower! You did an amazing job with it all. It's absolutely gorgeous!