Wednesday, November 3, 2010

DIY: magnetic tray

Happy Wednesday everybody! Here's a quick and fun DIY project for you to get you through the rest of the week. With the holidays coming up right around the corner and everybody pinching pennies a little more these days, this project would make the perfect gift! (Think teacher gifts too!) And as always, I'll have these darling little gifts available in my etsy store opening on MONDAY!


Silver tray from Dollar Tree
White primer spraypaint
Spraypaint color of your choice
Plate stand
Button magnets (or any other magnets you might have)

Step 1:
Prime the plate with white primer, let dry

Step 2:
Make sure you do the other side so it looks pretty :)

Step 3:
Once primer is dry, spray tray with your color spraypaint

Step 4:
Glue buttons to magnets or use any other magnets you may already have

Step 5:
Place tray on plate rack and use your magnets to attach grocery lists, honey-do lists, a nice thank you (if it's a gift) or a picture of your favorite little gals

Hope you enjoyed this project, because believe me they are addicting! Happy crafting :)


Tasha said...

Love the new project!

He-Vin said...

Can't wait! In a total DIY mode this week and want to add this to the list =)