Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 - take more risks!

Happy New Year! I hope that this year brings happiness to your heart and good health to you and your family. Every year, the same thing, I make resolutions and usually end up abandoning them along the side of the road by about....oh....January 11th or so. Well this year my resolution is to:

In the spirit of that, 2011 is going to be a very BUSY and exciting year for me and my dear friend Misty of Jewelry by Misty. I have just been bursting at the seams to shout our announcement from the roof tops but figured today of all days would be a very poignant time to finally announce the creation of the first annual

Birds of a Feather Fair!!!!!!!!

So, what does this mean you ask?

Well.....coming early November 2011 to a Northern Kentucky location near you Misty and I are producing quite possibly the biggest and BEST modern handmade show in Northern Kentucky area! We are just so excited to begin working on all the details. We will reveal more about the date, location and vendors in the coming weeks as we still need to nail down some of the details. I will be posting updates to the Jar's blog and Facebook page and we will eventually get the Birds of a Feather Fair website up and running along with Facebook and Twitter accounts.

So, why Birds of a Feather?

Another great question! You've heard the saying "birds of a feather stick together" and as veteran craft show participants, Misty and I have decided that there needs to be an outlet and forum for those MODERN handcrafters out there like us! We've done the church and school craft show circuit and while they are very nice, we've only been impressed with a handful of vendors at each show. So, we are cutting out the crocheted toilet paper covers and bringing you only the most hip and fresh crafters.

Some vendors have already been handpicked by us and will be on our fresh pick list, but no worries if you are interested in being a vendor, we will have applications ready soon. The show will be a juried event, which means a review committee will process each application and look at submitted pictures and/or websites. We want to ensure that we have plenty of variety too! For our first year we are looking for 50 vendors and will hopefully continue to grow and include more artists every year.

In the meantime, start spreading the news and if you know anybody who would be interested in being a vendor or if you are really a dear friend and want to become a volunteer give us a shout!

Birds of a Feather Fair 
Peace. Love. Craft.

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Melissa said...

I'm so excited for you ladies to follow your crafting passion and become leaders and advocates in your communities!! All the best in your endeavors of 2011. Can't wait to get updates along the way. Cheers to you!!

*The Hungry Bee*