Friday, January 21, 2011

a little crush...

I have to admit...I have a little crush. You know that feeling you get when you meet someone new and you can't wait to see them, spend time with them and you get all giddy talking about them? That's right Dollar Tree, I'm talking about YOU! In the past 6 months or so I've really fallen head over heels with the Tree. I'm surprised the clerks at the store don't know me by name because I am there AT LEAST once a week. If you are a crafter or just a bargain hunter, the Tree is such an awesome resource! The good ol' Dollar Tree can almost always help feed my crafting addiction by offering supplies so I can try (and sometimes epically fail) lots of projects. So, today, I'm posting this tribute to my dear friend, the Dollar Tree.

10 reasons why I heart the Dollar Tree:

1. Supplies. You can't beat the essentials that you can find here. Tape, glue, wreath forms, it's a crafter's paradise.

2. Frames. I don't think it's any secret, but now it's really not, but the Tree is where I get my cute little 7x7 frames and easels and turn them into chalkboards.

3. Trays. As previously mentioned in this DIY post, these nickel plated trays after being spray painted in bright, fun colors have been a huge hit.

4. Candy! Where in the world was I last May when I needed about 15 big lollipops for Kate's birthday party? I am shuttering to remember how much I spent at some gourmet candy store on the lollis.

5. Favors. Again for Kate's birthday party! Why didn't I think to check here???!!! These ADORABLE little gum ball machines would have made insanely cute party favors. Tied with a little ribbon and a tag with each kids' name, so cute!

6. Swiss cake rolls. Okay, so it's a guilty, VERY guilty pleasure. There may have been one occasion on a major supply shopping trip to the Tree that several off the swiss cake rolls were missing by the time I got home. I have NO idea how this happened.

7. Glassware. I'm crushing on these sturdy beer steins, just waiting for a little glass etching cream and a mustache stencil.
8. Random. Yet another reason why I love the Tree, you can always count on finding different fun little trinkets every time you go!

9. Repurposing. You could use these three objects as they are intended, a candlestick, a candle plate and a glass vase, OR....with a little glue you could have an adorable cupcake or treat stand!

10. Party! No matter if you are planning a birthday party, any holiday celebration or even a wedding I challenge you to get to your local Dollar Tree and see what you can create! I found these cute little trophies that might need a spraypaint makeover for Kate's vintage derby birthday party!
Cheers to you Dollar Tree! You are awesome!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I etched two beer steins today that I got from the dollar tree! It is SO much fun!