Wednesday, August 4, 2010

5 minute DIY

Hooray for the first of many DIYs on Jar of Vintage Buttons! This one comes from inspiration from I modified the original idea a bit and made it work for me. With just a few supplies you can make this garland in just 5 minutes.

-vintage postcards - I like the ones with writing, something about the penmanship of the day makes me very happy
-baker's twine or ribbon
-small scrapbooking hole punch

Step 1:
punch holes in upper corners of each postcard

Step 2:
connect the postcards together with your brads
Step 3:
tie baker's twine or ribbon to each end so you can hang your cute new banner
Step 4:
enjoy your reversible postcard banner!


BrandyRae said...

This is so cute! Where to do get vintage postcards? I could probably make some with tea stain and heat, but my penmanship is terrible. I agree with you that old handwriting is cool!

leslie said...

Hey Brandy! I got these postcards at the Antique Mall on Mall Road. There are tons of vendors there with postcards, and cheap too!