Sunday, August 8, 2010

the kate update

As promised, here's a quick update on what Kate has been up to since the last time I posted pictures of her!

From this...
To this!!!!

Can you even believe those curls? It is unbelievable! She looks so much like Joey's dad its almost scary. She has truly been the most fun (and exhausting) thing that has ever happened to either one of us. She is FULL of energy, curiosity and a barrel of laughs. She started walking around 10 months and hasn't stopped for a second since then. She amazes me everyday with something new she does or says. I can't even believe that she is already 15 months old. I haven't even blinked and her newborn and infant stages are already a memory. Good thing we've had a dear friend take lots of great pictures of her so we will always remember. You can visit her site at Here's a quick look back at Kate's 1st year...

3 months

6 months9 months12 monthsHer 1st Birthday Party!

So, don't even ask if I'm ready to have 100 more. Definitely not! I want to soak up every second of her for a few more years. Plus, we certainly couldn't afford a darling wardrobe for two children...and hair accessories, shoes, purses to match. So until Kate gets a brother or sister we are going to enjoy her to the fullest!

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