Saturday, August 14, 2010

DIY:strawberry lemonade

So, I know. It's not really a DIY if it's a recipe, right? Or maybe all recipes are DIYs? Ponder on that for a minute. Nevertheless, I'm REALLY stepping out of my comfort zone here with even the slightest hint at any kind of recipe. I don't cook. Ever. Thank GOD I married somebody that can put a decent meal on the table. It's not that I couldn't cook if I had to, I just really don't enjoy it. Give me a scour pad and a broom any day over a sauté pan and a whisk...or whatever those things are called.

It's been hotter than the devil here in Kentucky and we're all moving slow as molasses, so I thought you all would enjoy a little cool refreshment. While this is definitely "cheating" on the lemonade, it's really the presentation of the strawberry lemonade that makes this a fun little project. As always, feel free to add vodka...


Your favorite pre-made lemonade, and if you're really good, make your own
Blueberries (optional)
2 lemons
Rimming sugar (optional)
Paper Straws - mine are leftover from Kate's birthday party, I found them here at Modern Lola
A pretty pitcher
A pretty serving tray

Step 1: Pour your lemonade into a pitcher

Step 2: Cut several strawberries in half

Step 3: Cut both lemons into slices

Step 4: Mix some of your cut strawberries and lemons into the lemonade

Step 5: Pierce 1 or 2 whole strawberries with your paper straws (some of the strawberry will inevitably get stuck inside the straw, but no worries, it's a fun surprise when you take the first sip of your lemonade!)

Step 6 (Optional): Freeze the strawberries on the straw overnight

Step 7: (Optional) Sometimes the strawberries will slip down the straw, so try placing a blueberry under the strawberry to keep it steady

Step 8: Coat a slice of lemon in sugar before placing it on each glass

Step 9: (Optional) For an extra sweet touch, rim your glass with pink sugar
Step 10: Place your strawberry straws on your pretty serving tray with your pretty pitcher

Step 11: Pour the lemonade into the glasses making sure some of the fruit gets in each glass

Step 12: Place your strawberry straw into the glass and sit back and enjoy with good company!

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Anonymous said...

You are Miss DIY, however maybe the next Paula or Giada as well!
Am loving you being back to's FUN!
Love ya,
#2 Mama