Tuesday, August 3, 2010

leaving spruce tree...

In order for just about any of this crazy dream of mine to happen, we have to sell our house. I can't believe how much difficulty we've had trying to sell our house. I know the economy is less than desirable, but for a 3 (we call it 4) bedroom house for $138,000, I can't believe we've had such trouble. Here are pictures our home for sale.

It will be a little sad to leave. It was not only our first house, but our first home. We spent our first week of marriage furiously organizing and moving the rest of Joey's stuff in. When darkness would fall, we would take our kitchen chairs out to the back deck (since we didn't own patio furniture!) and gaze at the stars and talk about the future. Just over a year ago we brought teeny tiny Kate into this house and now it IS her home. We've had more fun in this home than allowed by law (really, the cops were called to our Halloween party :) We've been lucky enough to entertain many good friends and family here. The backyard has hosted countless croquet games. We've shared a lot of laughs around the fire pit. We just hope that whoever buys our house enjoys it to its fullest, as we have, shares lots of good laughs, does a little grilling on the deck and makes it their HOME.

So, onward to our next nest that we can make into our humble home. On any given night as I am falling asleep I think about our new house and how exciting it will be to be in the process of building and decorating. But,writing this post has made me remember that we've been lucky enough to have these 4 walls around us that have provided much more than shelter, but a home for our family :)

If you feel so inclined, leave a comment below with your favorite memories of our house.

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Anonymous said...

I will miss the "purse parties" we had there...it was our version of a perfect shopping experience! You hosted a fantastic 21st birthday party for me, which included confetti cake and a pinata! I will miss your perfect vintage christmas decorations and drinking witches brew at Halloween. My favortie memories have been watching Kate grow in that house...even if it has been over a year, she has really made your house a home. I am constantly stealing your ideas and hoping that I will have you to help decorate when I move into my first home!