Tuesday, August 10, 2010

inspiration - contain yourself...

A sugar bowl, no thanks. A sugar bowl to hold my q-tips? Yes, please!

Over the years I've inherited some cast-off crystal pieces, acquired some new silver and found some new uses for apothecary jars. I'm going to take you on a quick tour of some re-purposed items in our home that are now used for something quite different than its original purpose.

So, the next time you are at a yard sale or antique show, or even Target, and you see that pretty little container, just buy it! Don't stress yourself out at the time trying to figure out something to do with it. Take it home and fill it with something that makes you happy. Or leave me a comment and I'll be happy to help you think of something!

As mentioned above, I've used an otherwise boring sugar bowl inherited from my grandmother to now store q-tips in the bathroom. I found this pretty silver piece (it's actually a sugar bowl too!) at the 127 sale last year for $3. I loved it because it looked like a trophy. Now it keeps my makeup brushes upright.

These apothecary jars came from an old employer who was going to sell them to the employees and destroy what was left because we had gotten new displays. I bought as many as I could carry and am now the proud owner of about 10 apothecary jars :) I love these 2 jars sitting on my counter top in the kitchen. One holds flour and the other, sugar. I found 2 teacups who had lost their saucers to use as a scoop. When we get our new house we will have a pretty good size laundry room and I fully intend on having another apothecary jar with laundry detergent.

We are developing a theme in our house around games. Joey is obsessed with these crazy wooden puzzles. Here's how it usually goes in our house: Kate climbs up on the end table and knocks over the dish with these puzzles. Joey has to put them together again because he's the only one that knows how. They hurt my brain to be honest. Nonetheless, they look cute in this crystal candy dish.

I found this tea pot at the Newport Village Discount Outlet for a whole$1.50. It might have even been half off of that if I hit the store on the right day. Now it holds a pretty pink feather in Kate's room.

I love the shape of this soap pump and the color reminds me of some of my mason jars. Definitely a good buy from Target. I keep it in Kate's room next to her diaper changing supplies and keep hand sanitizer in it instead of soap. Although Kate never entertained the idea of a pacifier for more than a second or two, we still keep them stored in this cute tea cup on her dresser.

If you took the time to read my 100 things about me (please don't feel obligated...it's a lot of reading) but you would know that I love birds. Not real ones...they terrify me, but bird-themed things as d├ęcor. Anyway, one summer I got on a kick with bird cages. Joey actually gave this one to me as a birthday present. He snagged it from Newport's Mansion Hill Community Sale. I love the peaks and that it resembles the peaks of the old houses in Mansion Hill. It sat empty for a long time until I had a pile of these old books and one perfectly weathered ivory bird to perch on top. Here's another shot of the bird cage from this past Christmas.

Start scouring your cupboards for some interesting containers and have fun filling them up with interesting little items. Tell me what you come up with!


Karen said...

Those are so cute! I never know what to put in the birdcages I have. Your little kate is a doll, my little one had curls at that age. They are all gone now:(

leslie said...

Thanks Karen! I've also filled another birdcage with ivory pillar candles that I wrapped with scrapbooking paper. Looks cute too!

Vonnie said...

Finally I now know what to do with all my wooden puzzles that I had to bring home from school...LOVE IT!