Friday, December 17, 2010

day 10 - diy pom poms by susan!

As a kid I LOVED crafting. My poor parents' fridge fell victim to many, somewhat tacky, creations. After graduating I was lucky to work nights at a small scrapbook store where my love of paper, fabric and card making developed. Today, between work, potty training, and play dates, I still love having the opportunity to create and design party invitations or simple decorations.

Pom poms are a "warm and fuzzy" memory from my childhood. I can remember my mom creating yarn pom poms for Halloween costumes and projects. Last year,while trying to create a flower for my daughter's birthday invitation, a fabric version of the pom pom seemed to be a perfect fit! Enjoy and have a Happy Christmas!

Fabric Pom Poms Supplies:
Two Cardboard "Donuts" (mini lesson will need two circular objects to trace, thin cardboard and a pencil)
Sharp Scissors
¼ inch Fabric Strips
"Donut" Directions
Trace two circular objects to create a set of "donuts" out of thin cardboard.
I used a measuring cup (approximately 3 inches) and a paint bottle (1 ¼inch).

Pom Pom Directions

Cut or tear multiple ¼ inch strips of fabric.
Place both "donuts" together.
Hold the end of the fabric on the outer edgeof the donut.
Wrap the fabric around the donut through the hole in the center.

When ending a strip of fabric, trim at the outer edge.

Wrap fabric around the donut until the inside circle is half its original diameter.
Using the sharp point of your scissors, burrow and snip between the two pieces of cardboard.

Cut half way around the circle.

Insert a piece of string between the two donuts.

Continue to trim around the circle.

Gently separate the donuts, pull string as tight as possible, and tie a double knot (I recommend leaving the string long if you want to hang the pompom. If not, trim away).

Over a trash can, fluff pom pom and trim any pieces that seem a bit too long.

Add your fabulous pom poms to a party hat, headband or make a festive garland.


bethtoner said...

These are soo stinking cute!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

i love these!! the pics are great :) will have to try these at some point...