Thursday, December 9, 2010

day 4 - snowman onesie by heartfelt helen

I love all of the holiday baby clothes out there, and even own several of them that remark "Baby's 1st Christmas". They are adorable, but I wanted to show that my son, Finn, will look good for his first Christmas without having to be so literal about it. Hence, the creation of his snowman onesie!
orange, black, and white felt ($0.30 a piece at just about any craft store)
fabric glue
permanent marker (or pen)
quarter and dime (why use a template when these are so easy to trace!)
onesie or t-shirt
Step 1: For the "coal" on the mouth, trace a dime 5 times on black felt using a pencil. It will be a tiny bit hard to see, so don't be shy about going around a few times for good measure.

Step 2: For the eyes, trace a quarter 2 times on the black felt.
Step 3: For the whites of the eyes, trace the bottom of the permanent marker 2 times.
Step 4: This is the step that involves the most creative ad libbing... make a carrot-shaped nose on the orange felt. Even a simple, crooked triangle will do!

Step 5: Cut out all of the shapes (you should have 10 total).

Step 6: Place the "face" of the snowman on the onesie to make sure you like the layout, then cover the entire back of each cutout with fabric glue and attach it (if you get really generous with your glue application, you may want to slip a sheet of paper between the layers of fabric so they don't stick). You can attach the whites of the eyes either before or after you attach the black parts. Follow the glue's directions for drying and you have yourself a snowman onesie for your little one over the holidays!
This would also be fun for totes, aprons, etc.

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Melissa said...

such a cute idea for! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

So cute! How would you wash this? I've never used fabric glue before, but home it is permanent and you can wash the onesie in the wash like normal. Thanks!

leslie said...

I would turn it inside out before washing and follow the instructions on the bottle of fabric glue! I know there are different types of fabric glue, so I would be sure to buy one that states it is permanent! Thanks for stopping by.