Monday, December 20, 2010

day 11 - lala photospot GIVEAWAY!!!!

My name is Vonnie and I am the lucky shutter bug that has been fortunate enough to work with Leslie over the past year. I have always loved the art behind creative photography and the idea that a single moment can be frozen in time. However, most people do not think of photography in this way and often opt for the traditional studio type portraits to document their family’s growth.

Traditional studio portraits can produce beautiful well-crafted photos but they can often lack the simple nuances that make your family uniquely wonderful. So, what is a busy gal to do you ask? Well the answer is simple-pick your camera and start clicking away! Step out of the box and away from the idea the pictures are suppose to be perfect. Start thinking about the simple moments that make of your family’s day and document them. Don’t be afraid to zoom in tight, not get everyone’s head in the frame, or to just take a picture of your child’s wacky socks. What you will find is that your pictures are filled with:




Just try it! You won’t be disappointed and you may even get a good laugh or two.

So, in the spirit of, “The Jar’s” 12 days of Christmas and my passion for documenting families through the art of photography-I am giving away a free mini-session for the spring! As you have most likely guessed my photo style is non-traditional, which is not for everyone and that is okay! But make sure you visit my site, you never know you might be surprised by what you like.
For one entry visit Vonnie's share site at and leave a comment on your favorite picture.
For an additional entry leave a comment about your favorite family moment that you have captured through your own lens either here on the blog or on the Jar's Facebook page.
For an additional entry, follow Jar of Vintage Buttons by clicking the "Follow" button to the left on the blog.
The giveaway is open to residents of the Greater Cincinnati area (or if you are willing to drive to a local spot here in the Greater Cincy area!) The contest begins now and comments will close at 9PM on Thursday, December 23rd. I will announce the winner shortly thereafter!

Good Luck!


Heartfelt Helen said...

My favorite family moments I have captured were on our first vacation with our son to Colorado. He was 6 months old and I took TONS of pictures to try to use them as his official 6 month photo shoot. They turned out great! How could they not with a beautiful backdrop like the mountains?!

Heidi B said...

Your photos are didn't hurt that the Marshall family is too cute and trendy. One of my favorite photos I have taken is a picture of my son when he was a few months old with a diaper rag on his head and you can just see his big blue eyes peeking out at you. It was taken on my phone so the quality isn't great but I love that picture everytime I see it.
Thanks for sharing with us. I also follow the blog :)

bethtoner said...

I love your photos!!! I have a few favorites but one in particular is my older son giving kisses to my younger son who lights up and laughs no matter what the older one is doing. Thanks and Merry Christmas!!!

Tyler said...

Obviously, I LOVE your photos. I think my favorite photo memory is the picture you took of Stuart holding Payton in his hands when she was just a few weeks old. Still my fav. :)

Anonymous said...

Vonnie, you are officially one of my favorite photographers. We have gotten so many compliments on the photos you took this fall. I especially love the photo with the whole family. When the girls were little I was the one that took all the pictures; therefore, I was rarely in any of them. I would love to win another session with you. :) Sara C