Monday, December 6, 2010

day 1 - jewelry by misty giveaway!

Hello there! Let me start by saying THANK YOU to Jar of Vintage Buttons for this wonderful opportunity! It’s an honor to be apart of “The 12 Days of Christmas.” My name is Misty Porter and I’m the sole jewelry designer for

I’m a lover of jewelry, especially Swarovski crystals, pearls, gemstones and all things that sparkle and shine! You’ll see this translated into my pieces. My passion for jewelry started at a young age. I was fortunate enough to have a family full of women who loved jewelry and taught me early on to adorn myself in eclectic, meaningful pieces. Throughout the years I’ve collected brooches, rings, and necklaces...pieces that stand apart from the rest. My philosophy is: wear accessories that make a statement or tell a story in it of itself. It's very rare that you will find me wearing something that wasn't gifted to me from a loved one (my lovely husband), passed down from my great-grandmother or that isn’t a "one-of-a-kind" handmade craft. Through this philosophy, I have been inspired to create my own collection. My jewels help to satisfy my craving for unique jewelry and also act as tokens of love and appreciation for my family and friends.

I started creating my first designs as Christmas gifts just two years ago. I am fascinated by the endless array of mediums that can be used to create jewelry. I continue to be inspired by the unique perspectives or “flavor” that each individual has for their own jewelry. And after two years, I have only scratched the surface.

I’m so excited to reveal the jewelry pieces that will be given away to the lucky winner! The items pictured are an earring and bracelet set called Stairway to Heaven in Cloud Blue & Gold. The bracelet is an interwoven bracelet made out of Swarovski crystals in light colorado topaz & faceted-glass rondelles in sky blue. The bracelet also includes a beautiful silver-plated flower toggle and clasp also adorned with Swarovski crystals. The earrings are made with Swarovski crystals, faceted-glass rondelles (colors listed above) and sterling silver fishhooks. ENJOY!!!!
Set value: $50

The contest begins now and will end on Thursday, December 9, 2010 at 9:00 pm EST. You will have up to 3 chances to enter!

For one entry - check out Misty's etsy site and come back and leave a comment either on facebook or on the blog on your favorite item in her store

For another entry become a fan of jewelry by misty or jar of vintage buttons on facebook. Leave a comment and let me know you did that. If you already are, let me know that too!

For another entry click the FOLLOW button on Jar of Vintage Buttons the blog by using Google Connect. If you already do follow the blog, let me know and I will count your extra entry!

Good luck!


sheri wiles said...

I love the festival of beads bracelet. I like colorful jewelry! Very pretty!

Sheri Wiles said...

I am a fan of jewelry by misty on fb and also a fan of jar of vintage buttons. :)

Julieann.s.wilson said...

I am a fan of jar of vintage buttons and have visited both etsy sites. Misty I love your bridal jewelry and will recommend it my engaged friends. I also love the baby bracelets and plan to get one if my brother and sister-in-law have a baby girl in january!

Heidi B said...

I was able to check out the craft fair this weekend and see some of your beautiful jewelry and pick up a piece for the holidays. You and Leslie had the best booth there by far! I visited your etsy page and I really like the Bride's Dream necklace, earrings, and bracelet.
I am a fan of the Jar and Jewelry by Misty on FB, I also follow the Jar blog.

Helen said...

I was at the craft fair, too, and LOVED the booth! I saw the emerald and sapphire set there and on etsy and am dying to make it my own ;)

Vonnie B-Z said...

I am of-course a fan of "The Jar" & have visited both of the etsy sites! My favorite piece (besides the bracelet that I already have) is actually the one that you are giving away!! I fell in love with it when we were doing our shoot for all your fabulous jewels. :)

Heather Walton said...

I love the Tropical Fluorite Earrings. Fabulous!!!

bethtoner said...

I love all the Bride's Dream jewelry as well as the Purple Elegance Necklace and Earring set. I have to agree with Heidi & Helen that your booth was by far the cutest at the show :-)

Also, I am a fan of your FB page and Jar of Vintage buttons as well as follow the blog.