Wednesday, December 8, 2010

day 3 - christmas card holder by my friend julie

I'm pleased to bring you another fun DIY for all of your holiday greetings by my friend Julie!


Items you need:

Craft glue
Glitter or craft paper
Clothes pins
Cross stitch ring or wooden letter
Glue Gun

1. Paint your cross stitch ring or letter the color of your choosing and let dry completely.
2. Cut craft paper to fit on the clothes pins.
3. Using craft glue affix your craft paper to the clothes pin. If you are using glitter in place of craft paper painting the glue on with a brush and then dipping in the glitter works best.
4. Glue fancy clothes pins to the letter/ring in a lovely arrangement. Remember that these will be holding your Christmas cards so be sure to space accordingly.
5. If you made a wreath out of a ring thicker ribbon looks nice and can be looped around and tied in a bow. If you did a letter affix ribbon for hanging to the back with your glue gun.
6. Yippy! A easily made way to display your Christmas cards


Tasha said...

This is great! Always looking for ways to display the holiday cards we receive.

Melissa said...

I could definitely use of these this year!