Monday, March 26, 2012

the "c" word

Most of the time I can find the words to write on this blank screen.  They usually flow pretty well and I'm able to form complete sentences to explain and detail my day to day ramblings, crafty adventures, home improvement project and other nonsense. 

For this post however, I'm having trouble finding the right words to say.  Having trouble finding the keystrokes to put sentences together.  So, instead of making sense, maybe it won't today.  Maybe it won't make sense, because there is something else that doesn't make sense to me. 

My best friend.  Her name is Misty.  We met in 7th grade when our new middle school opened.  I don't quite remember the exact sequence of events, but I do know it probably wasn't before the end of the school day that we had become best friends.  Since that first day of school in 7th grade we've remained the best of friends.  We have been best friends through high school, high school drama, boyfriends (well, for Misty, just one, who's she's now married to :), graduation, we were college roommates, graduation again, she was my maid of honor in my wedding, I was her matron of honor in her wedding.  She was at the hospital with me the day Kate was born.  She helped me create the Birds of a Feather Fair.  There is really just not a whole lot of my life that hasn't involved her in some way.

It was a week day.  Misty had been acting a little strange.  I knew something was up with her.  Finally, it was in her time to tell me that she had been to the doctor and she was pregnant!!!!  I was over the moon.  I remember what my mom told me after she found out that I was pregnant with Kate and that was exactly how I felt.  I had a warm little circle around my heart.  My best friend was having a baby! EK!

I have always insisted that Misty keep me up to date on her doctor's visits and my heart was pitter pattering all day the day she was scheduled for her ultrasound to find out the sex of her baby.  We giggled like 7th graders when she told me she was having a boy and that she had boy parts growing inside her.  Silly.  But, that's us.

This was also the day she told me she had found a lump in her breast. 

We figured it was something clogged, a cyst?  Something that happens to crazy hormone pregnancy boobies.  She was scheduled for a check up with the doctor and said she would keep me posted.

That brings us to last Thursday.  I'm at work.  It's mid-morning.  I see a number come up on my caller id and I immediately recognize the number I've known by heart since we have been old enough to even have cell phones.  I think we might have even chit chatted for a few minutes.  I don't really remember. 

She said to me, "Leslie, I have breast cancer."  I'm pretty sure I might have laughed out loud or otherwise said something inappropriate because I just didn't believe it. 

So, my best friend is 30, pregnant and now has breast cancer?  

The days to come were a whirlwind of constant prayers and worry.  Misty, I know you are reading this, and please rest assured that I have a much better handle on this now!  Of course, I'll always worry because it's in my DNA to worry about everything, everybody, all the time, but I don't want you to ever worry about me! 

Misty starts chemo next Wednesday.  It's going to be a long, tough road ahead for her, her husband, her baby and her family.  I am not going to share all of the details with you because it's Misty's journey to share with you.  She has decided to start her own blog to document this time in her life.  I hope that you will click over to her blog and keep up to date with it

Be sure to follow her journey. 
Be sure to pray for her. 
Be sure to leave words of encouragement.  
Be sure to forward her blog on to anybody else you know who may need some uplifting during their journey with cancer. 
Be sure to continue giving to those organizations who make it their mission in life to fight this stupid disease. 
Be sure to be kind to everyone you meet, because you never know who's fighting a hard battle.

"Aunt Mimi" with Kate
Cancer is so stupid.  And cancer, you better watch out, because you just messed with the wrong girls.


tina said...

prayers and hugs coming your way. and give misty some Riddell love too as i'm not there but do wish her all the very best. i am sure this won't be easy but man, she is really lucky to have you by her side!!

Aunt Angie said...

Leslie, I loved your blog about Misty. I really love what a great friend you are to her. I also have a best friend that I met in eighth grade and so I understand how you are feeling about watching Misty go through this. You girls are going to have the best time raising your kids together. I am looking forward to meeting her little miracle. All the best to you and your family.

Cincygrl1962 said...

Leslie, I just read your blog about Misty. I feel relieved to know that she has such a great friend in her friends :-) I have to say, I was teary reading through it because I felt someone nailed my feet to the floor..unbelievable, remarkable, stunning....BUT with friends and family that love her, Robert and the baby as much as she is loved, we will get her and them through this.

You are right when you say "Cancer, you messed with the wrong girls"....we are gonna kick it's ass! ;-)
Take care and God Bless you!

Cincygrl1962 said...

I'm Misty's Aunt Chris by the way...Jean's "other" sister ;-)

Leslie Andrews said...

What a wonderful best friend you are Leslie. I am so fortunate Misty has you and you have her. Leslie Andrews

Aunt Kim said...

I am the other, other sister, Kim! I am also so happy to see Misty surrounded by fiercely loving allies. I really loved the Cancer Vixen card. We WILL punch and kick if we must..

I was very touched by your blog. It is helping me to feel positive and send that happy positive energy their way.
TY for all you are doing!