Monday, March 12, 2012

let's back track...home sweet home

***Disclaimer*** I've had this post in draft mode since November.  I can't believe I haven't been better about blogging!  Sorry.  Again. 

It only took one and a half years for our dream to come true. It’s done. We are blessed beyond belief with this beautiful structure we FINALLY get to call home!

We closed on November 17th, and by November 24th we had a house full of family and friends! 22 of them to be exact! We were seriously still unpacking boxes the morning of and Joey was installing the mailbox while the turkey was in the oven. But, we got it all done and had a wonderful time. The food was amazing that everybody brought, Joey made a delicious turkey, I made lil’ mini apple pies with my handy dandy new pie maker and we had lots to toast to. What a wonderful way to break in the new house!

Now that things are settling down a bit I’ve had time to put some personal touches on things. We already finished one big project that you may remember the beginning of here. We have always wanted a fireplace, well maybe not a fireplace per say, but definitely a mantle.  I scoured the internet for a chevron tile and while I did find some that was huge and WAY out of our price range, my husband once again came up with a brilliant solution. He quite simply said, “I’ll just cut tile to make the pattern.” Whaaaat? Well, okay then, knock yourself out. And he totally knocked it out of the park. It looks AMAZING!  I owe you a more updated shot of this as well.  Maybe a little more non-Christmasy.  On the to-do list now. 

I will admit that it did scare me a bit that we had the carpet ripped up in the living room after 9 days of living there. But, the outcome is better than I imagined.

Since then we've tackled the mother of all DIY projects.  Our kitchen.  I know, I know.  We just moved in.  But, from the date on our This Old House magazine that was our inspiration, it's been 5 years of drooling over this kitchen that we've always wanted.  I've got lots to post on that soon.  It may even have to be over several posts too.  Crazy town and the most disruptive project to my life to date. 
I also owe you a quick update on my 29th year bucket list. I can’t even believe I have like 3 months to get going on some of this!!!  Better get moving a little quicker!

Cross 6 more items off of my Pinterest boards. I made this wrapped letter (wish I would have read the tutorial first), made a grouping of embroidery hoops, made bags for the Favorte Things edition at my house (more on that soon), repurposed this shower curtain into wall art, got around to making some yarn wrapped wreaths, and fashioned this cute little stand for Kate’s toothbrushes and toothpaste.

I hit up the local farmer’s market this fall for some ridiculously awesome apples for myself and gifted some baskets as well. This spring I’ll venture to Findlay to do some serious shopping.

For the last ½ of my 29th year I need to:

Take a yoga class

Run or walk (or both) a 5K

Make at least one trip to Findlay Market

Get those pictures taken! AK! Scared!

D-E-R-B-Y (the plans are in the works, must find awesome hat and outfit or fascinator?)

Get to Chicago on the megabus - plans have actually changed  for this.  My BF, is expecting her first little bundle of joy in August and she just celebrated her 30th in February.  We've made a pact that after she has the baby we are going to go to Chicago together, sans children, and celebrate our birthdays all over again. 

Start planning this glamping trip - hold the phone.  Those plans have also been altered.  After much soul searching I decided that a farm dinner would be much more up my alley.  Let's be real honest.  I don't even like camping.  Why would I want to spend a big birthday celebration doing so?  So, we are just going to have a good old fashion farm fresh dinner party, and any dad's bluegrass band is going to provide the entertainment.  Lots of long tables end to end, all the way out into the field.  Candles.  Flowers.  Bluegrass music.  Sounds perfect. 

Find some peace, somewhere, somehow…although, I do already feel a sense of peace walking into this house every night.  Ahhhhh....home sweet home.

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