Saturday, March 31, 2012

what's next?

So, I know you are probably asking, what’s next?  What project are those crazy Marshall kids going to tackle now?  Oh trust me, I’ve got a list, but first things first.  Our sweet lil crazy Kate is about to be 3!  So for the next few weeks I am in full party planning mode.  It’s sick, but I even took some PTO days last week to get everything bought and begin getting things in order and ready.  Most people take PTO days to relax, get a mani, lay around and do nothing.  I wish I could but my brain won’t allow it.  My brain is booked with ideas from now until the end of the year already, so no time for relaxing. 

We’ve already signed Miss Kate up for preschool beginning in September and she couldn’t be more excited.  In honor of her birthday and her embarking on new adventures in preschool we are having a school themed birthday party!  I’m planning on mixing in elements of school days of yore but still keeping it bright, cheerful and fun!  I’ve got plenty of DIYs lined up too, so I’ll start with the invites and work our way onward.  Lots of pressure this year too.  I mean, how can you top last year’s party?  I don’t know if I can top it, but it will certainly just be different and just as fun!  Check out my Pinterest board here for my collection of inspiration. 
But, speaking of projects, before her party (which is in late April) I hope to:
Paint and install new shelving in the laundry room and actually make it an organized space instead of the catch all of crap area, which is what purpose it is currently serving. 
At the very least paint the powder room and finish my silver platter installation in there.  We want to replace the flooring with tile and swap out the sink, but that might be pushing it.  We’ll see how motivated my hubs is. 
There you have it.  Get ready to be schooled.  Old schooled.  Whatever that means?! 
Here’s a sneak peek of the invites.  So fun! 

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