Friday, March 23, 2012

a kitchen revamp part 3 wrap up

In this post I'll be wrapping up some loose ends on the kitchen revamp.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Or am I deliriously tired.  That’s probably it.   
This may be jumpy and random, but bear with me!  I’m going to try and provide as much info as I can in this wrap up!  Especially with the pictures. I'm about to lose it with my laptop and trying to drag these pictures in the right place.  URGGGGGGGG.....  So, here are the pictures of our finished no particular order because I don't even know how to get them in a particular order.  Enjoy! 

Menu on chalkboard wall


Chalkboard wall:  Wasn’t really planned.  I was inspired by this green chalkboard wall.
I loved the soft green tint and thought it would be an awesome change from the normal black chalkboard paint.  I also thought it would be a good contrast against the blue island cabinets.  Dead wrong.  I mean, like made me cringe it was so bad.  While I loved the vintagy green chalkboard with the countertops and yardstick backsplash, did NOT love it with the blue cabinets.  And because repainting a wall was MUCH easier than repainting cabinets, the green had to go.  Major paint fail.
I went with the black chalkboard paint instead, but it is now a nice shade of gray from the chalk dust which is how you "prime" the chalkboard paint before using it.  I'm doing a little exchange with my friend Katie, she writes awesome stuff on my chalkboard wall and helps me with anything that needs nice writing and I'm helping her style her wedding in August.  Nice little trade off :) 
Chalkboards are kind of my thing so it seems fitting.  Plus, lil bit loves drawing on it.  These are mommy and daddy caterpillars.  And Baby Jesus.  She seemed appalled that I even had to ask what they were. 
Wall color:  I scoured every paint store imaginable to find a perfect shade of gray.  I wanted a warm gray, not too cool, no blue tint, no green tint.  That is a very tall order let me tell you.  Just when I was about to settle for something I wasn’t really even wild about, a new Sherwin Williams store opened right in our neighborhood.  I tell you the paint chip couldn’t have been more aptly named.  Perfect Greige.  Perfect mix of gray, beige, warm and fabulous.  Looks even better on the walls! 
Farmhouse sink:  We’ve owned this sink for nearly a year.  Just waiting for the day it would make its glorious appearance in our new house.  I can’t believe we hauled that nearly 130 pound sink from Erlanger to Walton, from Walton to Union.  Crazy.  But, good grief, she’s a beauty.  It’s the farmhouse sink from Ikea.  We initially thought it wouldn’t fit, but a little maneuvering of filler strips and clever cabinet cutting and it’s the star of the show.  The faucet is an ebay purchase also about a year ago. 
Light:  Allen + Roth for Lowes.  Awesome.  I've been stalking this light for a long time now and I'm so glad it finally got to come home with me!  We've had to change the lightbulb out to something a little brighter since this is our only light in the kitchen for right now.  We'll probably have to work on that because it can get pretty dark in here. 
Knick knacks:  I have a pretty stellar collection of crap already so I mainly used stuff I already owned.  I have a very bad habit (or so the hubs thinks) of rearranging stuff on a pretty regular basis, so I’m sure these items have not landed in their final destination.  I totally blame it on my merchandising background.  I did purchase a new sugar container (the bright yellow one) and a new utensil caddy (the bright colored one next to it) from Pier 1 to help brighten up the countertops.  The phone was a Christmas gift from Joey and Kate a few years ago, do they know me or what?  The rug runner is from Crate and Barrel. 
Detail of countertop

Well..that about wraps it up for the Marshall Kitchen Revamp!  Hope you've enjoyed our journey in new house remodeling!  If there is anything I missed and you would like to know the how to, the color of or where something was purchased, give me a shout and I’d be happy to oblige!


Jess said...

Gorgeous kitchen renovation! I just saw your Kentucky Derby party over on Pen and Paper and just had to tell you how much I love it! Definitely tucking your ideas away for my own little girl-- or even maybe making it boy-themed with greens and such.

leslie said...

Thanks so much Jess! Please send me pics if you have a Derby party! I'd love to see them!