Thursday, March 8, 2012

finally, my favorite things

I remember when my group of friends hosted the first Favorite Things party.  It was back in July and we were neck deep in a trench working to get a utility pole moved.  What a nightmare that and really the whole summer was.  Anyway, fast forward to January and I finally got the opportunity to host the Favorite Things party at our new house.  Yay! 

If you are new, see this post on how to host your own Favorite Things party.  Our party this time was held at brunch and I was excited to try out lots of fun ideas from Pinterest.  One thing that was really fun was not only to spend the morning/afternoon with my favorite gals, but that we all got to actually sit down and eat.  Together.  At one table.  It was so fun to chat and drink coffee and mimosas.  We also themed this party and everybody brought their favorite beauty item for under $6.  I loved this because I think there are amazing products at the drugstore that you might not even know about! 

So, anyway, on to the pictures.  Hope some of you all have been able to host your own favorite things parties!

 ***Take a good look at that kitchen. Cause, it don't look like that anymore! Haha!

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